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At Florida Bent Glass our glass bending / curving is done by our own experienced technicians. This can assure quick manufacturing time with accurate precision bending. Dedicated to quality, customer service, and the success of our curved glass applications, we can assure satisfaction.

Architectural Bent Glass Architectural Bent Curved Glass

Architecture has greatly benefited from the invention of curved or bent glass. We may take it for granted but its use is everywhere, in barrel vaults, glass windows in store fronts, revolving doors, glass domes, solarium, domes and other curved architectural elements.

Bent Glass Products Bent Curved Glass Products

Many everyday objects use bent glass: curved china cabinet glass, boat windshields, revolving doors, show cases, hand rails, greenhouses and glass chandeliers. Bent glass products come in different shapes: curved bow, l shape, s shape, butterfly shape, j bend, in 90 and 180 degrees.

Bent Glass Fixtures Bent Curved Glass Fixtures

Curved glass adds beauty and functionality to cabinets, display cases and lighting fixtures. China cabinets are a great example of the how bent glass can beautify an everyday object. Curved glass adds a touch elegance to fixtures, cabinet design have benefited greatly from its use.

Bent Glass for Transport Bent Curved Glass for Transport

Bent glass has many uses in transportation, stretch limos, yacht windows and sidelights, usually from antique cars, are some of the more popular applications. Curved glass is everywhere in transportation, call us for that custom made hard to find piece.

At Florida Bent Glass we provide our clients with precision curved bending. We manufacture custom bent glass with multiple applications in architecture, fixtures, furniture and transportation.  We are bent glass specialists in curved glass products: curved glass China cabinet glass, boat & yacht windshields, revolving glass doors, display cases, glass hand rails, greenhouses and ornamental glass chandeliers.

Who can uses bent/curved glass?
  • Architects create amazing architectural elements with curved glass. Barrel vaults are used in malls, shopping corridors and other spaces that need to have a feel of openness. Conservatories blend the exterior spaces with indoor atriums.
  • Cabinet makers can create beautiful glass cabinets. China cabinets are a perfect example how curved glass can provide design versatility and beauty to every day objects.
  • Furniture makers, exhibit designers, makers of light fixtures, makers of food display cases
  • Collectors who need to replace a hard to find sidelight, windshield or curved glass window.

Florida Bent Glass values you as a customer, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns  about our glass curving capabilities. Call 888-288-9129 order your curved glass with confidence. In the rare event that your bent glass should arrive damaged during the delivery process, it will replaced for free.