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Architectural Bent Curved Glass

  1. Curved Glass Barrel Vaults
  2. Conservatories Use Curved/Bent Glass
  3. Bent/Curved Glass Curtain Wall
  4. Bent/Curved Glass Domes
  5. Curved/Bent Glass Partitions
  6. Curved/Bent Glass Hand Railing Panels
  7. Bent/Curved Glass Revolving Doors
  8. Curved/Bent Glass Shower Enclosures
  9. Curved/Bent Glass for Greenhouses, Solariums
  10. Curved/Bent Glass Store Fronts
  11. Bent/Curved Glass Windows
  12. Curved Glass Spiral Staircase

Bent glass is used in architecture for its partial transparency to connect a place with another without the barriers of a wall. Architectural bent glass is also commonly used to let light pass through an area to increase brightness in the room, to emphasize colors and designs, to decrease the use of artificial electric energy, and to allow sunlight and/or moonlight into the space.

Bent glass allows buildings to be naturally lit and have views to the outside, at the same time providing shelter. Architectural bent glass is aesthetically pleasing and does not have any type of rusting impediment. Bent glass is used in architecture to give a specific area a serene feel.

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