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Delivery & Warranty

Order your bent glass with confidence. Should your bent glass be damaged during transit it will replaced for free.

Please note the following conditions:

  • It’s the responsibility of the client to properly receive and inspect our glass shipment. Our shipments are expertly packaged and leave our premises in perfect condition.
  • Loss, damage or shortage claims are made by the receiver against the carrier.
  • If a client accepts delivery without properly inspecting a shipment, Florida Bent Glass can not be held responsible for any damages or product shortages. Claims of incorrectly received shipment are usually not successful.
  • If making a claim against a carrier please let us know, for delivery charges include insurance plus shipping, handling, and may include other logistics.

Properly inspect your shipment:

  • Unpack carefully and inspect each of your shipping cartons, take notes describing any shortages, chipped edges, scratches, fractures or any other visible damage. For your notes to be official they must be very specific in identifying all damaged content.
  • If your shipment is damaged and presents a hazard to your safety, you have the right to refuse the shipment. Do not attempt to unpack or continue inspecting the shipment, simply make a note with a detail explanation of your reason for refusal. Do inspect shipments that do not present a safety hazard, otherwise you may have to pay additional delivery fees.
  • Every carton has a tip-n-tell indicator on its sides. Make sure the indicator is present and that the color blue is not ┬ápresent. Blue is an indication that the shipment has been tipped over incorrectly.
  • Look for all visible packaging damages, such as crushes, boards that are broken, or punctures.
  • Official claims must present all damage notations in the carrier’s receipt for delivery form and must be sign by the carriers representative. Do not sign the carrier’s receipt if you have refused the shipment.

Florida Bent Glass professionally ships bent glass products using the latest technology in special foams and provides the ideal environment for packaging your orders. Be prudent, but don’t worry; our delivery rate is close to perfection!

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