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Bent Glass Myths

Ever since our earliest ancestors learned how to manipulate objects, enabling them to live and work more efficiently, the progress of humanity has depended on our relationship with tools and the various materials that create them. Bent glass is one of the most versatile and useful materials to be forged by nature and improved by human ingenuity. Bent glass has been used for hunting, cooking, constructing buildings, and beautifying our bodies and homes. From eyeglasses to microscopes to telescopes to windows, bent glass has given us a better perspective on our world. As humanity has progressed, so have myths about bent glass, such as the belief that a bent glass window pane will very gradually grow thicker at the bottom as the bent glass flows downward, and that a certain pitch of the human voice can break windows. Both are false. Bent glass is a complete solid that will flow only when liquefied at temperatures of hundreds of degrees centigrade. A soprano may sings at incredibly high pitches, but only the sound of a huge explosion will be able to shatter bent glass.

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